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As soon as Kiwii became my whole world , she made me see the beauty in things around me and  I realized that when life lacks structure it becomes art and stands out.  Hiii, I'm Sahana and I draw how I see life and show you the inspiration that exists all around me. My uniqueness comes from being very comfortable  dabbling with different textures and trying out art styles that take me to different places. Similar to my inspirations,  my art also draws from the things around me. I work with wood, paper and filtered waste materials to create strong deep meaning while promoting sustainability. Surprise became practice when Bob Ross showed me how art isn't bound by materials and boards to create something beautiful. It's me, Sahana again. I specialize in sustainable illustrative craftivism.


Children in Scotland
United Nations Development Program ( UNDP ),
Global Environment Facility,
National Biodiversity Authority of India
Safe Harvest 



ECA Graduate Showcase , August 2023  @ EDI
New Designers Showcase , July 2023 LDN
Utopian Futures - Justice, Environment, Community, June 2023 @ EDI


Rubbish is Art, BOOKMARKS 2023, Edinburgh

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